LOS 250

Register alarm

Xepto offers both SMS and email notifications in the event of a triggered alarm and other incidents directly to the customer.



  1. Fill out and sign the agreement with Digital ID
  2. Send the signed agreement to [email protected]


If a container/alarm is used for storage of explosives, regulations related to handling explosive substances FOR-2002-06-26-922 (established by DSB) Chapter 7, §7-4 Building technical conditions are applied.

"The alarm shall be linked to the FG-approved alarm centre or watch centre, or the police or fire service where these have such a reception centre" - excerpts of guidance to the regulations

Based on this requirement, Xepto has a transfer agreement with Avarn Security and Securitas Technology.

In the event of an alarm, information is sent to the security company, which calls contact persons in accordance with agreement, at the same time a notification is sent by SMS and / or email directly to the customer with information about the cause of the alarm etc.

In the alarm agreement you can choose whether the security company will move out in the event of an alarm, or whether the emergency will only take place when no contact has been made and/or the security company is asked to move out.

Containers/alarms that are not to be used for storing explosive goods do not need to be connected to an alarm centre.